Lab 9.2.1 Creating an Implementation Plan

Step 1: Determine the tasks to implement the network design
Implementing a network design requires the completion of a set of tasks, such as installing hardware,
configuring systems, testing the network, and launching the network into production. Each task consists of several steps.
Each task requires the following documentation:
  • A description of the task
  • References to design documents
  • Detailed implementation guidelines
  • Detailed rollback guidelines in case of failure
  • The estimated time required for implementation
  • Completion sign-off
Analyze the FilmCompany network design documentation that you have compiled in previous labs. Determine and list the three main sets of tasks required to be performed to implement the network upgrade. These sets of tasks will be referred to as phases.
Phase 1
_______ Install Distribution and Core Layer equipment
_______ Configure new IP addressing & VLAN scheme
_______ Configure routing
Phase 2
_______ Upgrade the WAN connectivity
_______ Extend the network to the remote site
_______ Configure ACLs & security
Phase 3
_______ Install wireless/mobility network

Step 2: Note identified success and failure criteria
When implementing a design, the possibility of a failure must be considered – even after a successful pilot or prototype network test. Each step of the implementation may require additional testing to ensure that the network operates as designed.
In the Reflection section in Chapter 2, Lab 2.3.3, you considered success criteria when determining the
objectives of the FilmCompany network upgrade. List two or three success or failure criteria for each phase of the project.
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3

Step 3: Include provision for customer approval
The Implementation Plan details the work required to accomplish the project goals. The plan includes the
customer expectations and the success criteria for customer approval and project sign-off. As soon as customer approval of the implementation plan is obtained, the installation can begin. The customer is given a detailed list of all devices required and the work to be completed. This list forms part of the Implementation Plan. A signed copy of this list is kept by the network designer and account manager.
Upon completion of each task, the customer is required to sign off that the work was completed and that the results are as expected.
a. Include in the documentation a signature page for an authorized FilmCompany representative to sign
and approve the Implementation Plan.
b. Include in the documentation a signature page at the end of each task for an authorized
FilmCompany representative to sign and accept the completion of each task.

Step 4: Document Phase 1

Step 5: Document Phase 2

Step 5: Document Phase 3


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