Lab 7.3.2 Creating a Server Farm Test Plan

Task 1: Review the Supporting Documentation

Step 1: Before completing the Server Farm Design Test Plan, review the following materials:
  • The prototype topology diagram included at the top of this lab
  • The IP Address Plan and VLAN Plan for the prototype topology in the Server Farm Design Test Plan provided with this lab
  • The Prototype Network Installation Checklist created by the network designer and provided with this lab
  • The partially completed Server Farm Design Test Plan provided with this lab

Step 2: Describe the functions of the network that the designer wants to test with this prototype
Konektivitas dasar, konfigurasi VLAN, operasi VTP, VLAN routing, penyaringan ACL.

Step 3: Using the topology diagram, create a list of the equipment necessary to complete the prototype tests
List any cables that are needed to connect the devices as shown in the topology diagram. Use the information from this list to fill out the chart in the Equipment section of the test plan document.
2 Router, 3 switch, 2 PC, 1 Server, 6 Cat 5 Straight-through kabel, 6 Cat 5 crossover kabel, 1 console cable.

Task 2: Determine the Testing Procedures
Using the information contained on the Prototype Network Installation Checklist and the partially completed Server Farm Design Test Plan document, determine what procedures should be followed to perform each test listed on the plan. Using Test 1 as an example, fill out the procedures sections for Tests 2, 3, and 4.
Think about which commands and tools (such as pingtraceroute, and showcommands) you can use to verify that the prototype network is functioning as designed. Decide which outputs to save to prove the results of your tests.

Task 3: Document the Expected Results and Success Criteria
Carefully identify what you expect the results of each test to show. What results would indicate that the tests were a success?

Test 2: VLAN Configuration Test
Show vlans, show spanning-tree, show interface, failure of ping between VLANs

Test 3: VLAN Routing Test
Show vlans, show interface, show IP route, traceroute, and successful ping between VLANs.

Test 4: ACL Filtering Test
Show running config, show interface, show IP route, traceroute, attempts to access unauthorized resources denied.
a. Fill in the Expected Results and Success Criteria section for each test, using the information collected above.
b.Save the completed Server Farm Test Plan. It will be used in subsequent labs.
Why is it important to think about and document the expected results and success criteria for each of the individual tests?


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