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Packet Tracer


Membuat Lima Buah Pertanyaan

1. NATyangmerujukpadaalamatIPdarihostdi dalamAndaseperti yangditampilkankejaringandi luar?
• inside global IP address
• outside global IP address
• inside local IP address
• outside local IP address

• /4
• /8
• /12
• /16
• /20

3. Seorangadministratorjaringandimintauntukmerancangskemapengalamatanbaruuntukjaringan perusahaan.Saat ini,ada500penggunadikantorpusat,200penggunadipenjualan,425dimanufaktur,

Lab Finding the Right Networking Job

Step 1: Perform a Skills Strength and Interest Assessment Several career paths are available for individuals interested in an IT career. If you have not already participated in a strength and interest assessment, or if you have not yet determined which career path is of interest to you, research some of the tools available. They can help provide a starting point for an IT career selection. There are many resources available – the list below is only a small sampling. Resources available: Secondary school guidance departments and local college career departments can provide helpful information.Public libraries or websites, such as, offer books on researching career choices and skill strength assessments such as: Information Technology Jobs in America [2007] Corporate & Government Career Guide (Paperback) by Info Tech Employment (Editor), Discover What You’re Best At by Linda Gale, The IT Career Builder’s Toolkit by Matthew MoranCompany websites offering a mix of free and fee …

Lab 9.4.2 Presenting the Project Proposal

Task 1: Prepare for the Presentation
Step 1: Review the content a. Ensure that your presentation is complete. b. Review the content to ensure that there are no technical errors. c. Rehearse the presentation to become familiar with the flow of the content and develop a sense of the timing required.
Step 2: Prepare for questions Your presentation may seem complete and clear to you, but to others there may be points that need clarifying or that contain too much information. Read through your presentation as if seeing it for the first time, Note the points that you would ask questions about. Remind yourself that you will not be able to prepare for every possible question.
Step 3: Prepare yourself Your instructor will advise you on the details (time. location, audience) of the presentation class. On the day of the presentation, try to observe the following guidelines: a. If possible, and appropriate, wear professional attire. b. Try not to be too nervous. The other students in your class are probably…

Lab 9.4.1 Compiling the Documentation

Task 1: Compile the Project Proposal
Step 1: Finalize the documentation requirements a. Finalize the documentation created in the previous labs and in your project portfolio. b. Insert and compile the information under the following headings: Executive SummaryNetwork RequirementsCurrent Network EnvironmentProposed Physical DesignProposed Logical DesignImplementation PlanCost ProposalStep 2: Prepare the cover page Include a cover page at the beginning of the proposal. The cover page describes the proposal, including the RFP or solicitation number and date, the customer contact information, and the vendor name and contact information.
Step 3: Prepare the Table of Contents Develop a Table of Contents for the proposal document.