Lab 2.3.2 Creating a Network Organization Structure

Step 1: Determine the network users
a. Use word processing software to create a network organization structure document.
b. Examine the FilmCompany case study document and the sample interview.
c. Identify and list the potential end users.
Staf umum
Staf penjualan
Staf media produksi
Vendor, pemasok, dan mitra Pelanggan
d. Diagram the relationship between these users.
Draw circles on a page and label each with a type of network user
Use lines to connect together those groups that directly communicate with each other

Step 2: Assess impact of user network access
a. Identify and include the different types of existing and potential new network services the listed users may require. Group the users under the type of network services they use.
Wireless, VOIP, management vlan, security, etc.
b. The impact of adding new user groups to the network also needs to be assessed. Identify and include in the network organization structure document:
  • New user groups
  • The type of access required
  • Where access is allowed
  • The overall impact on security
c. Save your network user structure document and network organization diagram and retain it for the next stages of this network design case study.

Step 3: Reflection
The total number of users has a direct impact on the scale of the network at the Access Layer. The type of users and the services they require also have implications for the network structure.
Discuss and consider the impact that the range of network services required by even a relatively small number of users can have on the network structure.


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