Lab 3.5.3 Creating a Scope Statement

Step 1: Consider how meeting the project goals will impact the existing network
a. As the network designer, look at the existing network topology and the services that it provides.
Consider how much of the network is affected or changed as a result of the project.
b. Record what areas of the existing network will have to change or will in some way be affected by
meeting the project goals.
Draft informal descriptive notes of these possible changes. Organize these notes under headings
such as:
  • Access Layer
  • Distribution Layer
  • Core Layer
  • Data Center
  • Network Services
  • WAN Access
c. Use word processing software to create a Project Scope document based on these notes.

Step 2: Refine and record the proposed changes to the existing network
a. Distinguish between possible upgrades to existing network resources, such as additional servers or
VLANs, and completely new additional resources, such as QoS and WAN links.
b. Record which areas and users will be affected by these changes.
c. Include these network changes in your Project Scope document.

Step 3: Define the areas of the existing network not covered by the project
It is important to note the parts of the existing network that are not within the areas covered by the project.
These out-of-scope areas are defined so that there is no misunderstanding between the NetworkingCompany and FilmCompany management.
In this case study, for example, providing IP telephony services may be a future consideration, but it is not
within the scope of this project.
Clearly state these out-of-scope areas in your Project Scope document.

Step 4: Compile and present the project scope document
FilmCompany has to agree with your assessment of the Project Scope before you proceed further with the design. An agreement ensures that there is a common understanding about what is included in the network upgrade project and what is not included.
a. Discuss your Project Scope with another student to ensure that the issues you present are clear.
b. Save your Project Scope document and retain it for the next stages of this network design case study.

Step 5: Reflection
It is important that a project have clearly defined boundaries so that all parties know what is included and
what is not. Consider the issues of ensuring that customer business and network needs are satisfied before the scope is broadened beyond what is feasible and required.
What strategies could be used to ensure that a project scope is developed that is clear and appropriate?
• Pastikan bahwa setiap layanan jaringan baru dan teknologi yang tidak termasuk dalam ruang lingkup semata-mata karena mereka dapat, pastikan mereka selaras dengan kebutuhan perusahaan dan tujuan.
• Apakah orang yang berbeda, baik dari perusahaan desain jaringan dan bisnis, meninjau lingkup proyek dan memberikan interpretasi mereka untuk memastikan bahwa itu berarti hal yang sama untuk semua orang.


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