Lab Creating a Diagram of the FilmCompany LAN

Step 1: Identify LAN Requirements
a. Use word processing software to create a new document called “LAN Diagram.”
b. Use the identified topology and associated equipment to determine LAN design requirements.
Design requirements for the LAN include:
High-speed connectivity to the Access Layer switches 24 x 7 availability
High-speed redundant links between switches on the LAN and the Access Layer devices
Identifying available hardware for the LAN
The current network has two VLANs.
1. General VLAN consisting of:
12 Office PCs
2 Printers
This VLAN serves the general office and managers, including reception, accounts and administration.
Hosts (dynamic) –
Hosts (static) –
2. Production VLAN consisting of:
9 High Performance Workstations
5 Office PCs
2 Printers
c. Brainstorm with other students to identify areas that may have been missed in the initial requirements

Step 2: Determine equipment features
Using the list developed from the brainstorming session create a LAN based on technical requirements
(design only).
a. Create your design using the existing equipment.
The FilmCompany network equipment includes:
2 x 1841 Routers (FC-CPE-1, FC-CPE-2)
3 x 2960 Switches (FC-ASW-1, FC-ASW-2, ProductionSW)
1 x ADSL Modem for Internet Access
b. Using the list of equipment, identify modules that can be added to the existing equipment to support
new features, such as redundancy.
c. Save your LAN Diagram document.

Step 3: Select LAN devices
a. Use word processing software to create an addition to the LAN Diagram document.
b. The identified LAN diagram will be used to adjust the Access Layer design. Equipment selected must
include existing equipment.
c. Save your LAN Diagram document.

Step 4: Design Redundancy
a. Use word processing software to create an addition to the LAN Diagram document.
b. Design a redundancy plan that combines multiple Layer 2 links to increase available bandwidth.
c. Create a design that incorporates redundancy.
d. Save your LAN Diagram document.

Step 5: Reflection / Challenge
The design strategies for the FilmCompany LAN pose many challenges for the designer. What were a few of the more difficult challenges you encountered?
Consider and discuss the identified strategies. Do all of the strategies designed accomplish the task the same way?
Would one be less expensive or less time-consuming than the other?
Would the chosen LAN design allow for future growth and the addition of the WLAN?
• Apakah peralatan yang ada mampu menangani lalu lintas jaringan yang diusulkan? Jika demikian, bagaimana? Jika tidak, mengapa?
• Apa perangkat yang dapat digunakan sebagai pengganti Layer 2 switch?
• Apa kelemahan potensial untuk diagram yang diusulkan?


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