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ccna discovery 2 modul 8 answers versions 4.0

1. Which AAA service reduces IT operating costs by providing detailed reporting and monitoring of network user behavior, and also by keeping a record of every access connection and device configuration change across the network? 
• authentication
• accreditation 
• accounting 
• authorization 
2. Which three items are normally included when a log message is generated by a syslog client and forwarded to a syslog server? (Choose three.) 
• date and time of message 
• ID of sending device
• length of message 
• message ID
• checksum field 
• community ID 
3. What is the advantage of using WPA to secure a wireless network? 
• It uses a 128-bit pre-shared hexadecimal key to prevent unauthorized wireless access.
• It uses an advanced encryption key that is never transmitted between host and access point. 
• It is supported on older wireless hardware, thus providing maximum compatibility with enterprise equipment. 
• It requires the MAC address of a network device that is requesting wireless access to be on…

ccna discovery 2 modul 7 answers versions 4.0

1. Which two statements are true about the OSI and TCP/IP models? (Choose two.) 
• The two bottom layers of the TCP/IP model make up the bottom layer of the OSI model.
• The TCP/IP model is a theoretical model and the OSI model is based on actual protocols.
• The OSI network layer is comparable to the Internet layer of the TCP/IP model.
• The TCP/IP model specifies protocols for the physical network interconnection. 
• The TCP/IP model is based on four layers and the OSI model is based on seven layers.
2. To meet customer expectations, an ISP must guarantee a level of service that is based on what two factors? (Choose two.) 
• accessibility 
• adaptability 
• availability 
• reliability

• scalability 
3. User1 is sending an e-mail to What are two characteristics of the process of sending this data? (Choose two.) 
• It utilizes TCP port 110.
• A TCP connection is established directly between the User1 and User2 client computers in order to send the e-mail message. 
• It utilizes a st…

ccna discovery 2 modul 6 answers versions 4.0

CCNA Discovery 2 Module 6 Exam Answers Version 4.0 1. Which command is used to view the RIP routing protocol settings and configuration?
• show version
• show ip route
• show interface
• show ip protocols


Refer to the exhibit. What is the maximum number of RIP routers that could separate HostA and HostB and still leave the hosts with connectivity to each other?
• 14
• 15
• 16
• 17

3. In which situation would a company register for its own autonomous system number (ASN)?
• when the company's ISP adds connection points to the Internet
• when additional routers are added to the corporate internetwork
• when more than one interior routing protocol is used
• when the company uses two or more ISPs

4. Consider this routing table entry
• R [120/1] via 00:00:27 Serial0/1
• What type of route is this?
• a static route
• a default route
• a RIP route
• an OSPF route
• an EIGRP route
• a directly-connected route

5. What is the difference between in…