Lab 8.3.2 Creating a VPN Connectivity Test Plan

Step 1: Review the VPN Design Test Plan
Review the VPN Design Test Plan. Note the tests that the designer indicates are necessary to perform using the prototype network.

Test 1: Description and purpose:
EasyVPN Server Setup Verifikasi

Test 2: Description and purpose:
Konektivitas Test Klien VPN

Step 2: Review the Equipment section
Which device will be used as the VPN server in the prototype network? 1841 Router
What IOS version is necessary to configure the EasyVPN server? Advanced Layanan IP versi 12,4 atau di atas dan Cisco SDM
Is equipment available in your lab with the correct IOS to build the prototype network configuration?

Step 3: Review the Design and Topology section
At the top of this lab, the actual VPN topology is shown, as well as the topology being used in the prototype test. Compare both topologies. Remote workers usually connect to the Internet and then use client software to create the VPN tunnel to the server. In the prototype environment, the connection between the VPN client and the VPN server is a much more direct connection.
What is the risk of testing the VPN operation in a prototype environment?
Kondisi dunia nyata tidak dapat dengan mudah disimulasikan. Server VPN akan memberikan alamat logis ke remote host H1 yang berlaku di jaringan internal. Alamat ini akan ditugaskan secara dinamis, ketika terowongan VPN dibuat.

Step 4: Review the Test 1 Description, Procedures, and Expected Results sections
The designer needs to verify that the EasyVPN server can be configured and managed by the existing
personnel. It is important to document how the Cisco SDM software can be used to configure and manage the VPN server.

Step 5: Review the Test 2 Description, Procedures, and Expected Results sections
Read through the Test 2 information in the test plan. Determine an appropriate goal for Test 2 and fill in the table in the VPN Design Test Plan.
After reading the Procedures section, what do you think would be a successful outcome of completing the
Test 2 procedures?
Successful connection to the VPN server using the external VPN client
Successful tunnel establishment
VPN client has received an internal IP address from the VPN server.
VPN client can ping an internal host or connect to an internal server service
Record your answers in the Expected Results and Success Criteria section for Test 2.
Reflection / Challenge
Why do you think it is important to test the VPN operation in a pilot installation, as well as a prototype test?
Implementasi pilot dapat menguji konfigurasi dan operasi dalam lingkungan dunia nyata.
What are the benefits of managing the VPN server with internal personnel, rather than using the ISP to manage it?
Hal ini lebih fleksibel. Mengurangi biaya. Lebih mudah untuk menambahkan klien tambahan.


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