Lab 2.5.3 Investigating Network Monitoring Software

Step 1: SNMP overview
Simple Network Management Protocol is a common network management protocol. The protocol enables
network administrators to gather data about the network and corresponding devices. SNMP management system software is available in tools such as CiscoWorks. SNMP management agent software is often embedded in operating systems on servers, routers, and switches.
SNMP has four main components:
  • Management station
  • Management agents
  • Management Information Base (MIB)
  • Network management protocol
Descriptions of SNMP are available at:
As part of a network management system, SNMP tools can respond to network errors or failures in several ways. Generally, when a network fault occurs, or when predefined thresholds are met; the SNMP tools can react by:
  • Sending an alert on the network
  • Sending a message to a pager
  • Sending an email to an administrator
The FilmCompany is required to maintain a specified level of network service to meet its StadiumCompany contract obligations. They need to purchase network management software that enables them to monitor and manage the new upgraded network.
Step 2: Search for SNMP monitoring programs
a. Using a computer with Internet access, use a web browser to search for examples of SNMP monitoring programs. Use search terms such as:
  • SNMP reporting
  • SNMP notification
  • SNMP monitoring
b. List other appropriate search terms.
c. Note and compare the features of a number of the monitoring programs found.
Key features:
Key features:
d. Select a program that would be suitable for the FilmCompany network and give reasons for your
selection. Discuss your choice of program with other students.

Step 3: Example SNMP program
An example SNMP monitoring program is Plixer Denika v7.
a. Go to the website for this program at
b. List the type of reports that this program can generate.
Laporan Pemanfaatan
Laporan Level Layanan
Laporan TOPn
Laporan Terjadwal
c. Read the details for each type of report. Select the report type that would be most applicable to ensure a problem with the performance of the link carrying real time video data from the StadiumCompany to FilmCompany was addressed as soon as possible. Summarize the features of this reporting provided by this program.

Step 4: Reflection
Consider and discuss the organizational or business support necessary to make best use of network monitoring programs with event-triggered notification features.
Ambang batas peristiwa dan kondisi yang memicu pemberitahuan harus disetel sehingga tidak perlu notifikasi tidak terkirim, tapi kondisi kritis dilaporkan dan pemberitahuan dikirim. Karyawan Perseroan yang harus diberitahukan baik secara teknis mampu mengatasi masalah ini dan tersedia untuk melakukannya ketika diberitahu. Hal ini akan membutuhkan tindakan perusahaan untuk memastikan bahwa staf terlatih dalam merespon proses, dalam keterampilan teknis, dan dalam mengatasi masalah dan pemecahan masalah. Daftar nama karyawan dan alokasi tugas perlu mempertimbangkan masalah ini.


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