Lab Identifying Design Strategies for Scalability

Step 1: Identify the areas that will be used for designing a strategy that facilitates scalability
a. Use word processing software to create a new document called “Design Strategies.”
b. Use the identified constraints that set limits or boundaries on the network upgrade project and the potential trade-offs to assist in the discussion with other students.
The strategy should cover the following areas:
  • Access Layer modules that can be added
  • Expandable, modular equipment or clustered devices that can be easily upgraded
  • Choosing routers or multilayer switches to limit broadcasts and filter traffic
  • Planned redundancy
  • An IP address strategy that is hierarchal and that supports summarization
  • Identification of VLANs needed
Step 2: Create an Access Layer module design
Using the list developed from the group discussion, create an Access Layer module (design only).
a. Create your design using the existing equipment.
The FilmCompany network equipment includes:
2 x 1841 Routers (FC-CPE-1, FC-CPE-2)
3 x 2960 Switches (FC-ASW-1, FC-ASW-2, ProductionSW)
Several servers
1 x Linksys WRT300N Wireless Router (FC-AP)
1 x ADSL Modem for Internet Access
b. Using the list of equipment, identify modules that can be added to the existing equipment to support
new features and devices without requiring major equipment upgrades.
c. Save your Design Strategies documentation.

Step 3: Select Distribution Layer devices
a. Use word processing software to create an addition to the Design Strategies document.
b. Use the identified Access Layer module diagram to create the Distribution Layer design. Equipment
selected must include existing equipment. Use Layer 3 devices at the Distribution Layer to filter and reduce traffic to the network core.
c. With a modular Layer 3 Distribution Layer design, new Access Layer modules can be connected without requiring major reconfiguration. Using your documentation, identify what modules can be added to increase bandwidth.
d. Save your Design Strategies document.

Step 4: Reflection
The constraints and trade-offs identified for the FilmCompany pose many challenges for the designer. What were a few of the more difficult challenges you encountered?
Consider and discuss the identified strategies. Do all of the strategies designed accomplish the task the same way?
Would one be less expensive or less time-consuming than the other?
• Mengembangkan skema pengalamatan IP menggunakan jaringan benar-benar menantang.
• Memisahkan VLAN
• Rancangan ACL unik mengingat penyaringan tidak diidentifikasi oleh klien.


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