Lab 6.2.4 Configuring an Email Client

Step 1: Open Microsoft Outlook 
a. From the Start menu, select All Programs. Locate the Microsoft Office software. 
b. Select Microsoft Office Outlook as the email program. If your computer does not have the Microsoft Office software, there are many free email software packages available on the Internet. Search the Internet to find a free email client that can be installed on your computer. The following instructions may vary depending on your email client.
Step 2: Set up an email account 
a. When you first start Microsoft Outlook, a screen appears with Email Upgrade Options. You can choose to import email messages or address books from another account. Because this is your first email account, select the Do Not Upgrade button. 
b. The next screen is the Email Accounts screen where you are asked if you want to configure an email account. Click Yes. 
c. If Outlook has already been installed and setup for e-mail previously, you can start the Outlook application and click Tools, E-Mail Accounts and then select View or change existing e-mailaccount to see how the existing account is set up.

Step 3: Enter POP3 e-mail account information 
a. The next screen requires the user of the new account to fill in information. Enter your name and email address. Your can get your email address from your Internet provider. NOTE: If you do not have a real ISP email account, this step can be treated as a simulation. Just enter the information requested to become familiar with the process of creating an email account. 
b. Enter your server information. Contact your Internet provider to locate the server information for the incoming and outgoing mail servers. Usually Internet providers put this information on their website in their help section. 
c. What is your incoming (POP3) mail server?
Jawaban : 
d. What is your outgoing (SMTP) mail server?
Jawaban : 
e. Enter your username and password. Do not check the box to remember your password. This option is used when only one person uses the computer. If anyone else were to use the computer, they could easily gain access to all of the information in your email. 
f. Click the Test Account Settings button. If everything is correct, the screen displays that the test was successful. If not, correct your information and try again. NOTE: If this is a simulation, the test will not be successful and you can go to Steps 4 and 5. 
g. Test your new account by sending an email to a friend in class.

Step 4: (Optional) Add another account or change an account 
a. Open Microsoft Outlook. From the Tools menu, select Email Accounts. 
b. In this screen, you can.
Jawaban: yes, I can.

Step 5: Reflection 
a. What are the advantages or disadvantages to using email over regular postal mail?
Jawaban : advantages: Each mail server receives and stores mail for users who have mailboxes configured on the mail server. Each user with a mailbox must then use an email client to access the mail server and read these messages.  Mail servers are also used to send mail addressed to local mailboxes or mailboxes located on other email servers. Dan bisa mengirim file dalam ukuran besar. Disadvantages: interface kurang menarik. 
b. What are the advantages or disadvantages to using email over an instant messaging program?
Jawaban : advantages: mudah digunakan karena lebih familiar, fasilitas lengkap dan  IM client to authenticate to the IM network. Once logged into the server, clients can send messages to other clients in real-time. In addition to text messages, IM supports the transfer of video, music and speech files. IM clients may have a telephony feature, which allows users to make phone calls over the Internet. Additional configuration can be done to customize the IM client with “Buddy Lists” and a personal look and feel. Disadvantages: kadang jaringan memblok akses ini atau tidak mensuportnya , besar file yang dapat ditransfer juga tidak terlalu besar 
c. With a partner, discuss five (5) recommendations for email etiquette that should be considered when emailing friends and business colleagues.

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