Lab 3.6.5 Sharing Resources

Step 2: Map network drives to provide quick and easy access to shared folders
g. Double-click the Test Message 2 text document. Add the words Techs rule to the document. From
the File menu and select Save. Question: What message is displayed? Why do you think this happened?
Jawaban : Tidak dapat mengakses file ini. Periksa Keistimewaan Keamanan. Pertanyaan kedua adalah pendapat pelajar sendiri

Step 4: Reflection
a. What are some of the benefits of mapped drives and shared folders in a home or small office network?
Jawaban : menghidari terinfeksi dari virus dan memudahkan mengingat alamat file kita.
b. Which folders cannot be shared? Can you think of reasons why an operating system might not allow
certain types of folders to be shared?
Jawaban : mungkin ada konfigurasi yang salah.
c. A mapped drive provides a pointer to a network resource, but mapped drive letters are said to be
locally significant only. What do you think is meant by locally significant?
Jawaban : Maksudnya hanya berlaku pada area lokal saja.

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