Lab 6.2.3 Exploring FTP

Step 1: Examine FTP from the command prompt 
a. Click the Start button, select Run, type cmd on the command line, and then click OK. 
b. At the prompt, type ftp to start the FTP application. The prompt changes. 
c. From the ftp prompt, type ? to see a list of the commands that can be used in this mode. 
d. List three FTP commands. 
e. At the prompt, type help put to see a short description of the put command. 
f. What is the purpose of the put command?
Jawaban : untuk membantu user jika ada kesalahan yang terjadi 
g. Use the help command again to get the purpose of the get, send, and recv commands. get, send, recv . NOTE: The original FTP commands were PUT to send a file to an FTP server and GET to download a file from the FTP server. You also had to select ASCII or binary file mode. If you download a binary file in ASCII mode it could end up being corrupted. Some of the newer graphical programs now use send and receive in their place. 
h. Partner with another student. Using procedures demonstrated in previous labs, write down the names and IP addresses of each partner computer. It is very important to get these names correct. Some FTP applications allow you to use either the IP address or the computer name.
Step 2: Use a GUI FTP client or web browser 
a. If you are using a web browser as the FTP client, open the web browser and type ftp://ip_address_of_FTP_server. If the FTP server is configured to use an anonymous userID, connect directly to the FTP server. Using the FTP client, download an available file from the server. 
b. If you are using a GUI FTP client, open the application. For most FTP clients, you must configure a new connection by giving it a name, the IP address of the FTP server, and a username and password. You may have to type anonymous if the FTP server allows this type of connection. Some applications have a checkbox that allows an anonymous login. When you have configured the connection, connect to the FTP server and download a file. 
c. What is the name of the file you downloaded from the FTP server?
Jawaban: bluetooth.doc 
d. List one example of when FTP might be beneficial to a computer technician.
Jawaban: The Transfer Protocol (FTP) provides an easy method to transfer files from one computer to another. A host running FTP client software can access an FTP server to perform various file management functions including file uploads and downloads. The FTP server enables a client to exchange files between devices. It also enables clients to manage files remotely by sending file management commands such as delete or rename. To accomplish this, the FTP service uses two different ports to communicate between client and server.

Step 3: (Optional) Use both an FTP server and client 
a. If you control both the FTP server and client, practice sending files to and getting files from the client and the server. 
b. Show your transferred files to another group of students 
c. Close the FTP server and client applications.

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