Lab 7.2.6 Configuring a Wireless Client

Required Equipment
One each of the following:
Access Point (AP)
Wireless Client Hardware
1. Unit
2. CD-ROM: User Guide
and Setup Guide
3. Ethernet Cable
4. Power Adapter (1 pc)
5. Quick Installation Book
*We will be using two different client models: Linksys WUSB54G and WUSB200. We will also help
connect attendees’ client PCs if they have different WLS client hardware.
Steps 1–3 Review (should already be done)
1 Computer Ready
2 Open Linksys Access Point Box
3 AP Box Items Checklist

Linksys Wireless CCNA Setup
Step 4

Installation Guide Step: Connecting the Router (Layer 1 Only)
Connect Ethernet cable and plug from switchport on router to your NIC
DO NOT connect wirelessly to manage the router!
s Router Lab 10 © 2008 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Cisco Public
Linksys Wireless CCNA Setup

Step 5

Usually use CD to go through easy install. (Skipping)
PC Configuration as per Installation Guide: Explore Variables,
“What Can Go Wrong…”
1. Many APs create a lot of noise
2. Some APs can manage over the wireless out of box but should only manage
through hardwired connection; DO NOT connect wirelessly to manage the router!
3. SSIDs are the same on all Linksys; we want to change in the beginning of the lab
4. All routers use the address; reassign IP address based on what
given by speaker
**After changing SSID and IP, disconnect and reconnect to router
5. As long as SSIDs are changed, overlapping DHCP scope should not be a
6. Some Windows desktops loose their network connections and/or SSID broadcast;
this is a Windows issue
7. WUSB clients CD out of the box does not work with VISTA; CD setups do not
work with Macintosh
8. Internet Explorer should be used for all the management

Step 6 – Lab

Router Configuration
Before beginning, everyone
reset the “firmware” button on
the router
Follow along lab 7.2.5
Reminder: Do not use wireless
connection for management
Generally Main menu – black bar
d sub menu – blue bar
Menu tour

Network Mode
SSID (change to last name)
Radio Band
Wide Channel
Standard Channel
SSID Broadcast
Change IP Address
Presenter gives out IP addresses to each
wireless router
Ć’Other Options: Different Linksys Technology

Step 7

Wireless Client Configuration
Follow along lab 7.2.6
For advanced users, use time
to investigate product menus
Lab details in 7.2.6
Finding APs
Finding SSID
Signal strength

Step 8

Basic Wireless Features
Highlighting key points
Radio Band
Wireless Network Name
Wireless Mode
Wide Channel
Standard Channel
Network Type
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
MAC Address filtering

Step 9

9 View differences WRV200 to
Join another router’s SSID and insure
web management is enabled
Compare home series vs business
series for differences and similarities

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