Lab 3.3.3 Determine the MAC Address of a Host

Geovanne Farell

• Determine the MAC address of a Windows XP computer on an Ethernet network using the ipconfig /all command.
• Access to the Run command.
Every computer on an Ethernet local network has a Media Access Control (MAC) address that is burned into the Network Interface Card (NIC). Computer MAC addresses are usually displayed as 6 sets of two hexadecimal numbers separated by dashes or colons. (example: 15-EF-A3-45-9B-57). The ipconfig /all command displays the computer MAC address. You may work individually or in teams. The following resources are required:
• • Windows XP workstation with at least one Ethernet network interface card (NIC)
Step 1: Open a Windows command prompt window
• From the Windows XP desktop, click Start then Run.
• Type cmd in the Run dialogue box then click OK.A Windows command prompt window opens.
Step 2: Use the ipconfig /all command
a. Enter the ipconfig /all command at the command prompt.
b. Press Enter. (Typical results are shown in the following figure, but your computer will display different information.)
Step 3: Locate the MAC
in the output from the ipconfig /all command
a. Use the table below to fill in the description of the Ethernet adapter and the Physical (MAC) Address:
Description Physical Address(es)
WAN Interface 00-53-45-00-00-00
Step 4: Reflection
a. Why might a computer have more than one mac address? Jawaban: karena mac memiliki pengaturan sendiri yang diberikan secara otomatis kepada koputer.
b. The sample output from the ipconfig /all command shown previously had only one MAC address. Suppose the output was from a computer that also had wireless Ethernet capability. How might the output change? Jawaban: perubahan ini dapat dilakukan secara otomatis saat PC tekkoneksi.
c. Try disconnecting the cable(s) to your network adapter(s) and use the ipconfig /all command again. What changes do you see? Does the MAC address still display? Will the MAC address ever change? Jawaban: ya. Perubahan pada mac dan IP addressnya.

d. What are other names for the MAC address? Jawaban:

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