Lab 2.3.3 Examining Operating System and Application Versions

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Lab 2.3.3 Examining Operating System and Application Versions
• • Determine the operating system (OS) version and revision.
• • Examine the method used for configuring Windows XP updates.
• • Determine the revision number of a particular application.
Background / Preparation
It is important to keep operating systems and applications up-to-date to ensure stable operation and to address security vulnerabilities. These updates are called revisions, updates, patches, or hot fixes. There are three ways to update the Windows XP operating system: automatic updating, downloading patches automatically and manually determining when they are installed, or manually downloading and installing the patches. This lab can be done individually, in pairs, or in teams. The following resources are required:

• Computer with Windows XP and an application such as Microsoft Word installed
Step 1: Determine the Windows XP version and revision number

* Click the Start button and select All Programs > Accessories > Windows Explorer.
* From the Help menu, choose About Windows.
* Which version of Windows XP and service pack is installed on your computer?Jawaban: Windows XP Service pack 2 version 5.1
* How much physical memory (RAM) is available to Windows XP? Jawaban: 978,884 kb
* Why is memory important to an operating system? Jawaban: karena setiap proses yang dilakukan oleh system computer tersimpan dalam memori jadi memori sanganlah penting bagi OS. Memory important to an operating system becauseMemory does store temporary files from software and OS. The memory does not store the temporary files from software and OS. These files Should Be fast Pls reached a user application needs those files. These files must be achieved quickly when the application requires the file. Example: You’re working with a word proccesor and you’re typing. Example: You work with proccesor word and you type. Everything you type would be stored in the memory Sow you do not lose the data you’re Until you save That data on you’re hard drive it stays in the memory if the application is running. Everything you type will be stored in the memory sow you will not lose your data until you save the data on your hard drive is still in memory when the application is running.
* Click on the End-user License Agreement link on the About Windows screen.
* According to the license agreement, how many backup copies of Windows XP can you legally make? Jawaban: satu saja.
* Close the end-user license agreement window. Close the About Windows window.

Step 2: Configure Windows XP for updates

1. Click on the Start button and select the Control Panel option.
2. If the right window pane shows Pick a Category, select the Switch to Classic View link in the left pane. Double-click the Automatic Updates option.
3. Which four options are available for automatic updates? Jawaban:

* Automatic (recommended) Option
* Download Updates for Me, But Let Me Choose When to Install Them Option
* Notify Me But Don’t Automatically Download or Install Them Option
* Turn Off Automatic Updates Option

4. Click on the How Does Automatic Updates Work? link. Expand the How Are Updates

Downloaded? section by clicking on the + (plus sign) beside the option.

5. Based on the information presented, what happens if you are using your computer, updates are being
downloaded, and you disconnect from the Internet?
Jawaban: based the information if updates are process but suddenly disconnect to the internet “if you disconnect from internet before updates are fully downloaded, nothing is lost. The download will be continue the next time you connect to the internet”
6. Expand the How Are Updates Installed? section.
Based on the output shown, what is the default time for when updates are installed?
Jawaban: update is daily updates, it nothing speciall time for update. But you are free to choose what time you want to update
7. Close the How Does Automatic Updates Work? window and return to the Automatic Updates window.
8. What is the current setting for automatic updates, and why do you think the person who set up the computer chose this option?Jawaban: karena OS nya tidak original maka perlu di lakukan peng-update-tan supaya untuk melindungi OS dan Pc dari virus-virus dan bahaya lainnya.
9. Close the Automatic Updates window.
10. Another way of configuring a system for automatic updates is through the System control panel. Click
the Start button, click the Control Panel option, and double-click the System control panel icon.
Click on the Automatic Updates tab.
11. Are the options the same as before? Yes.
12. Close the System control panel.

Step 3: Determine an application version
a. Open any Windows-based application such as Microsoft Word.
b. From the application Help menu option, choose the About option.
c. What is the application version?
d. If this is a Microsoft application, there may be a System Info button. If there is a button, click on it. If
there is no button, skip to the next step. Explore the different options available under System Info,
including information related to your specific application. System Info provides similar information to
that provided by winmsd.exe.
e. Click on the Help menu again. If there are double down arrows at the bottom of the menu, click them
to show all the menu options. Some applications have a Check for Updates option. Does the
application have this option? Jawaban: ya.
f. Do you think that Internet access is required for an application that has a Check for Updates option?
Why or why not? Jawaban: tidak karena Ms. Office yang saya gunakan full version.
. Close the application.
Step 4: Reflection
1. When is it important to get an update for an application or an operating system?
Jawaban: ketika update itu sangat dibutuhkan untuk mendukung pengotimalan kerja dari aplikasi maupu os namun kesering update juga menimbulkan masalah oleh karena itu gunakanlah aplikasi maupu os yang full version.
1. List one instance when you might need to know which version of the operating system or application is being used.

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